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Bi-Metallic cable lugs / cable terminal ends & in-line connectors

We offer one of the most extensive ranges of terminals and industrial connectors available. Products range from insulated and un insulated solder or crimp terminals in a vast array of sizes and styles to splice terminals and Quick tabs to specialized items for various industry sectors.

These crimps are tin-plated with bright finish for resistance to corrosion and oxidation. with various stud hole size. taper for ease of cable entry. Size and marking is easily recognizable. Area of flat equals at least the cross section area of the conductor , ensuring best electrical performance. Smooth rounded tip avoids risk of flashing associated with square off ends. Inspection hole allows visible check that conductor is fully inserted.

Application: Suitable for the transitoin connection of circular aluminium wires , power supply in distribution equipment and the copper terminals of electrical equipment. The friction welding process eliminates the presence of welded oxygen & therefore eliminates electrolytic corrosion. Also maximises the strength of the joint.

Material of Copper Lugs cable Lugs Cable TerminalsCopper Cable Lugs Terminals High conductivity , seamless copper , tube  to BS 2874-C    101ASTM B 152-C11000.

Features of Copper Lugs Cable Lugs Cable Terminals  best company in India to for bell entry Copper Cable terminals to facilitate easy cable entry. Provided with inspection  window,  thus  ensuring   full conductor insertion.

Sizes of  Copper Lugs Cable LugsCopper Cable Lugs Cable terminals From 1.5 mm  to 240  mm    with different stud hole sizes as required.

Copper Cable Lugs Cable Terminals FinishCopper Cable Lugs Cable terminals  Uniform electro-Tin plating for operating temperatures upto 150 C. For operating temperatures above 150 C & upto  350 C Electrolytic Nickel plating is suggested

Note4 hole lugs for transformers and long palm Copper lugs  Copper Cable terminals available.

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